Frequently Asked Questions

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Are registrations cancellable or transferrable to another individual?

All deposits and other payments made are non-refundable; however, registrations are transferable for a $100 fee for the first guest in your group and a $50 fee for the second and third guests in your group. If you have any questions regarding your registration, please contact us.

How is lodging determined?

Registration pricing is based on two people per room or double occupancy. If you are traveling alone, you will be assigned to your own room, and your package price will be higher.

Do I need to know my roommate when I book?

If you want to book a two-guest package and you don’t know the name of your companion, please get in touch with us directly to make arrangements.

If I purchase a single guest package, can I add a roommate after I have purchased?
You can add a roommate to your registration, which would lower your overall cost. Please get in touch with us to do so.
Do I need to have a passport to register?

Yes, current and valid passport information is required to register.

Do I have to drop my passport or make an appearance at the Israel embassy?

No. It’s a group Visa and it will be issued from Israel for the entire group . Once you have sent your passport data page and the details requested for obtaining your visa you are all set.

Do we need a Yellow Card?

No, you do not need a yellow card.

Are Victoria Orenze, Wale Adenuga, Nathaniel Bassey and Aaron T Aaron going to be there throughout?

Yes, they will be and will be leading us in worship at the nightly concerts and also a brief fellowship every morning before the group sets out.

What airline will the group be flying with?

The Lagos Group will be Flying Turkish/Ethiopian Airlines with a brief stopover in Istanbul, while the UK Group will be flying British Airways. The Group From the US will be on Turkish Airlines also.

What airline will the group be flying with?

The Lagos Group will be Flying Turkish/Ethiopian Airlines with a brief stopover in Istanbul, while the UK Group will be flying British Airways. The Group From the US will be on Turkish Airlines also.

How long is the flight from Istanbul to Tel Aviv?

It’s a 2hr flight.

How will transportation work?

Air-conditioned transportation will be available by bus to and from the hotels and sites. You will have access to free Wi-Fi on most buses. There are ground transfers available from the airport to the hotel. Information and pricing for this service are available on your trip’s individual website. If flights are purchased through Olive Tree Tours, ground transfers are included in those flight prices. 

Can I purchase travel insurance?

Travel insurance is available and recommended. This covers travel interruptions and the land package part of your trip. Flight insurance is separate. Confirm with your travel insurance policy if it covers medical to satisfy the travel medical insurance requirement.

What documentation is necessary for travel to Israel?

A valid passport with an expiration date no less than six months after the return date of the trip is required. There are no exceptions to this policy. A travel visa is not required.

What medical preparations do I need to take?

It is now required in Israel to have travel medical insurance to cover any unexpected costs incurred before or during your trip regarding anything Covid-19. Please obtain a letter from your medical insurance company showing in writing that you are covered internationally/worldwide for medical coverage. If your medical insurance does not cover international travel, contact them to obtain coverage during your trip duration. You can also confirm your travel insurance policy covers medical if you have purchased one of those. We would also encourage you to inform your health insurance provider that you will be traveling out of the country and to determine your coverage and medical care options while in Israel. There are no specific immunizations or medications that are recommended or required for travel to Israel, but you are welcome to connect with your primary care physician regarding their recommendations for you individually. Please keep in mind that you can buy the equivalent of the most standard over-the-counter medicines in Israel. 

Are we staying at the same hotel as the group coming from the US and the UK?

Yes we are. We are all on the same tour, what differs is where we are coming from and returning to.

Do I need to bring any special clothing or other items?

You will need lightweight clothing. Short-sleeved shirts, sandals and comfortable shoes because there will be plenty of walking. Bring swimsuits or something to wear underneath for our visit to the Dead Sea. Baptismal garments will be provided for the baptism in River Jordan however, we recommend you wear a swimsuit underneath, as the baptismal garments can be transparent when wet. Pack a sweater or jacket, since nights in the desert can be cool. Bring a small bag for day trips. Sunscreen, a sun hat, and sunglasses are also essential items to bring.

How much walking do I need to be prepared for?

Most activities will include walking, so participants will be walking approximately 2-3 miles per day. We would recommend wearing comfortable shoes or sneakers each day. Most walks will be light to moderately strenuous, and there will be daily breaks as you travel to and from sites. Please keep in mind that walks can typically include steps and uneven terrain. Some sites could be difficult to fully experience if there are physical disabilities with walking long distances or problems with uneven terrain.

How safe is travelling to Israel?

While Israel is a very safe country to visit and tour, your safety is a top priority. We use various measures to ensure the safety of participants, but we also encourage participants to take precautions they normally would when traveling to another city or country.

Will we be baptized in the Jordan river?

Yes, there will be a baptism at the River Jordan for Pilgrims who wish to be baptized.

Does the fee cover feeding?

Yes it does cover feeding; Breakfast and Dinner only. Pilgrims will be responsible for their lunch as the group will be out sight-seeing at that time.

Can I drink tap water in Israel?

Tap water is safe to drink in Israel, but bottled water is also available for purchase.

Will there be access to Wi-FI?

Yes, you will have free Wi-Fi on the buses and in some hotels. Many cafes and restaurants also offer complimentary Wi-Fi. Some hotels will have Wi-Fi available for hotel guests at customary prices.

Will I be able to use my cell/mobile phone while in Israel?

Please check with your phone service provider to determine if you will need to purchase an International plan to use your phone in the country.

What currency should we bring along when we want to buy souvenirs?

Dollars are widely used in Israel. You could also use your cards in some places and also convert your Dollars & Pounds to Shekels.

Which credit cards are accepted?

American dollars are accepted in many places in Israel; however, in most cases, change will not be available. We would recommend bringing $1 bills for small items. You can also use your credit/debit card to obtain Shekels at ATMs throughout Israel. Most Israeli hotels, restaurants, and stores accept American Express, MasterCard, and Visa cards as well.

Will I need to bring a power adapter?

Almost all hotel rooms are equipped with hairdryers, and all have shaver sockets. For other appliances, Israel’s electricity is 220V A/C, single phase 50-cycles; 110V-220V transformers can be used. Israeli outlets have three prongs, but European two-prong adapters usually work.

Do we get a certificate at the end?

Yes. Every Pilgrim gets a signed certificate at the end of the tour.